Thursday, February 28, 2008

POD #31 ~ Mom's Quilting ~ Long overdue!

My loves to quilt! She has made so many beautiful ones;) Here is one . . I took a pic of fairly recently. . .

We even have a quilty group . . & if you like to sew/quilt. . you are welcome to join us! (I Don't quilt! LOL I help with board & swap management:) LOL You can check us out here .. .

If you join, please let us know who you are & how you found out about the group.

Lots of stuff to do there. . . swaps. . etc;)

Im sorry :O

That I have been MIA for so long. . . I have tunz of great pics to share with you all . . I hope that I can get back to it. . things have been so crazy. . . & really rough . . .

Some stuff You can read in my TT&T regular blog. . other stuff . . . I have not put there yet. . I will. . when the time is right. . but have not yet. . .

So. . I will try to get to posting pics again;)

missed you all!


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