Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday, August 18th, 2007 POD #6

My post for Saturday comes pretty early! This is because I will be gone all day Saturday, late into the nite, possibly early Sun am! We are heading to OZZfest in a few hours, in Hartford CT! :)

My post for today, is another scenic photo from our drive last week to upstate NY. The contrast is something, isn't it??? Funny how I got so many different weather scenes in 1 trip:)

This photo was taken at 1:09 in the afternoon, though, on our way back home. NY truly has some beautiful landscapes, all varieties - big city, small city, town, countryside, farms, etc. Lots of mountainous terrain though, too:)

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My Faves for Saturday will be added on Sun, sometime. Maybe Mon.

Ok! Here are my Fave's for Sat:

Bostonscapes - love the sky! It is gorgeous;) Ok, well it WOULD be nice to have a boat like that too! LOL
Brookville Daily Photo - a house finch! These are so cute & tiny! We had a pair of finches make a nest in the top of our propane tank! They hatched 7 babies, only 1 fell from the nest & died (I didn't find it in time;( & the other 6 lived to at the very least, fledge their nest!
Chandler, AZ Daily Photo - this is a hillside that had a fire. Sad, but at the same time, will bring new life to the hillside.
Delta Daily Photo - Interesting photo! Interesting statement too. . . Much truth.
Flying - Ruth posted a great view of a hillside scene in Killarney National Park County Kerry Ireland!
Minneapolis Daily Photo - a Beautiful flower! Even more beautiful is the memorial for some who died in the collapsed bridge tragedy.
Nashville Daily Photo - I like this photo. Although, I am not at all political or anything, I love the site;)
New Orleans Daily Photo - great blue shutters! I love them!
Selma, Al. Daily Photo - I love this front porch! I would love to sit out there, having tea & watch the people going by.

Other Countries:
Akita Daily Photo - i really enjoyed viewing this coast guard ship.
Buenos Aires Daily - I love this beautiful building too! What interesting & beautiful work!
La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo - I like the "puzzle" below the drink - and see? There is a heart in the cup:)
Mainz Daily Photo - Very interesting post on Sage! I think I will try the meal outlined sometime too!
Malta Daily Photo - very beautiful harbor!
Stavanger Daily Photo - I LOVE how the sky looks behind these buildings;)
Tenerife Daily Photo - I found this photo interesting & liked the details provided! It is interesting to learn how other countries see/use foods.
Wroclaw (Poland) - What a fabulous view of the building!!

Faye's Photos - What a great view! I love it;)
National Geographic Photo of the Day - I like this photo! I love how the stars are in the sky! Look like they are zooming!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007 POD #5

Here is my contribution to the old car community picture post this week. I saw this the other night when we were out & I was dropping my husband off at work.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Weird little car;) I like it though. I wonder what they had to buy in Home Depot that would fit in there?? LOL

I will add my fave's later on this evening.

Today's Fave's:

Albuquerque Daily Photo - great scene!
Bostonscapes Daily Photo - very beautiful!!
Brookville Daily Photo - a squirrel today:) Aww! Sorry about your carpal tunnel Abe!! :(
Greenville Daily Photos - this mouse sculpture is neat! Very interesting story to go with it too!
New Orleans, LA Daily Photo - a lovely muscovy (duck) here for us today!:) I love muscovies! I had a few yrs ago . . .
Ocean Township Daily Photo - I would love to be doing this right now:) Beautiful scene;)
San Diego Daily Photo - beautiful sunset!
Seattle Daily Photo - I like this photo! That baby looks like she had a blast:)
Selma, AL Daily Photo - great front porch! I'd love to sit there & watch the people walking by:)
St. Louis Daily Photo - what a great lake! Bird too:)

Other Countries:

Akita Daily Photo - Fri. photo is a beautiful waterfall:)
Auckland Daily Photo - interesting photo!
Kyoto Daily Photo - unusual scenery;0)
Malta Daily Photo - beautiful!:)
Menton Daily Photo - beautiful scenery!
Seoul Daily Photo - more interesting graffiti!
The Kerpok - Singapore Daily Photo - interesting photos!

Other Photo Blogs:
Aerial Photo - awesome forest view!
Wrenaissance Reflections - Mother Bluebird & baby
Breathtaking Photos - AWESOME photo;)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday August 16th, 2007 POD #4

This photo is from when we drove towards upstate NY last week 08-09-07 (7:58am)(9&1/2hr trip!!).

I got a lot of good scenery photos that day. Some are like this one, Foggy! (like my header pic). But some are just the opposite, sunny, & bright.

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My favorite photos today are:


Bostonscapes Daily Photo - love the scenery! I would lie to visit this Aquarium!
Brookville Daily Photo - Yea! Today we have a Cooper's Hawk here! I LOVE hawks!
Chandler Arizona Daily Photo - very weird & different tree - well at least compared to what I see usually!:)
Joplin Daily Photo - beautiful sunset!:)
Minneapolis Daily Photo - BEAUTIFUL night scenery for Thurs!:)
Phoenix Daily Photo - I do love looking at the interesting graffiti around:)
Selma, Al. Daily Photo - I love this Thurs photo! It reminds of the "Little House on the Prairie" days!
Sequim Daily Photo - I Love these Flowers! They are gorgeous;) Nice job!
Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo - LOVE THIS thurs pic! I am such a sucker for a great car:) Esp. old ones;)

Other Countries:

Athens Daily Photo - love the sunset! Looks fabulous!
Dubai Daily Photo - what a fabulous beach! I could definitely relax there!:)
Melbourne Today - I like the sky! The buildings are very neat too!
Monte Carlo Daily Photo - another beautiful beach!!
Nottingham Daily Photo - another old car post! Ambulances! Very neat!
Oxford Daily Photo - Yea another old car;)
Shanghai Daily Photos - very beautiful photo!
St. Kilda Today - Amazing Pier;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August 15th, 2007 Wednesday POD #3

This is a rather interesting photo for you all today.

The largest lawn gnome:

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This lawn gnome is at the mini-golf course at Kelder Farm in Kerhonkson, NY. This photo is looking up at it from the road. He is on a hill.

My Favorites for today are:
Brookville, OH Daily Photo - I LOVE his morning glories;) BEAUTIFUL!! There is a bunch as the main photo today, and then a single on Friday Aug. 10th, 2007 - he has a LOT of great photos though! I love them all:)
Uptown Mpls Blog - love those evening views!!
Present Tense - Daily Photos of Van Buren Ar. - I'm a sucker for animals;) hehe!! I also like his "hot air" post for Monday too.
Wailea Daily Photo - beautiful sunset!!
Photos from Haninge - The photo for today is a green woodpecker - very different than the woodpeckers I am used to seeing!

Although I have listed very few here, I enjoy looking at every photo site I visit. I like seeing everyone's different views, sites, cities/towns, etc. I love being able to visit the world in an evening from my computer!

Monday, August 13, 2007

August 14th, 2007 Tuesday POD#2

Today's photos are from Napanoch, NY. This is the Eastern New York Correctional Facility. It is a bit down the road from us & we drove by there this evening (went out & put some gas in the car to get out of the house! MUCH cooler outside!) I found a few PODs today I really liked, so I linked them below;) Check them out.

When we drove to the other end of the prison, there is a train platform there.

On the way back down the road to leave, there is this interesting little "gazebo". I don't imagine too many people are allowed to "sit around" outside the prison! LOL

My favorite PODs for today are:

Minneapolis Daily Photo - I really love this city view! I also love the B&W version also shared!
Selma, AL. Daily Photo - beautiful turtle;)

August 13th, 2007 - Monday POD #1

When we came out & got in the car at 8:15am, this is what we looked at. The drops on the window looked very "neat". They had a purpose ya know, and all in line. Each drop different, but all perfect little drops of water.

Well, August 13th, 2007

So surfing through other people's blogs, I've come across many "---- Photo of the Day Blog" ---- being a city name.

Being the picture hog that I am, I have decided to do the same. Hopefully, I can remember to take many photos every day to choose one from.

I don't know that I am going to make it city specific, being that I am usually through a few small towns when I do go out. So. . .we'll see. Maybe 1 per area?? :)

Abrams Planetarium Night Sky Notes