Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday August 16th, 2007 POD #4

This photo is from when we drove towards upstate NY last week 08-09-07 (7:58am)(9&1/2hr trip!!).

I got a lot of good scenery photos that day. Some are like this one, Foggy! (like my header pic). But some are just the opposite, sunny, & bright.

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My favorite photos today are:


Bostonscapes Daily Photo - love the scenery! I would lie to visit this Aquarium!
Brookville Daily Photo - Yea! Today we have a Cooper's Hawk here! I LOVE hawks!
Chandler Arizona Daily Photo - very weird & different tree - well at least compared to what I see usually!:)
Joplin Daily Photo - beautiful sunset!:)
Minneapolis Daily Photo - BEAUTIFUL night scenery for Thurs!:)
Phoenix Daily Photo - I do love looking at the interesting graffiti around:)
Selma, Al. Daily Photo - I love this Thurs photo! It reminds of the "Little House on the Prairie" days!
Sequim Daily Photo - I Love these Flowers! They are gorgeous;) Nice job!
Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo - LOVE THIS thurs pic! I am such a sucker for a great car:) Esp. old ones;)

Other Countries:

Athens Daily Photo - love the sunset! Looks fabulous!
Dubai Daily Photo - what a fabulous beach! I could definitely relax there!:)
Melbourne Today - I like the sky! The buildings are very neat too!
Monte Carlo Daily Photo - another beautiful beach!!
Nottingham Daily Photo - another old car post! Ambulances! Very neat!
Oxford Daily Photo - Yea another old car;)
Shanghai Daily Photos - very beautiful photo!
St. Kilda Today - Amazing Pier;)

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Rambling Round said...

We haven't seen fog like this in a long, long time! Glad you are on the photo blog, and thanks for visiting mine!

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