Saturday, August 25, 2007

POD #13 Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Back up-to-date now;) Monday I start school, so there may be a few days I will do things like this. I know. I'm sorry, I will do my best to do 1 a day though, even if I add faves & details later;)

Anyhow, my post for today is a "steaming" building. This photo was also taken in Hartford on 8/18. What do you suppose it is??

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This building is (we believe I can't remember for sure - and since I only got this part of the bldg - it's hard to say - I searched online & couldn't find it yet) a part of the Tilcon plant there - they are a cement plant type thing - my husband says he thinks this orange-thingy (LOL - my phrasing;) is one of the evaporators.

My Faves for today include:


Other Countries:
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Denton said...

Maybe a cooling tower at a manufacturing facility? I liked yesterday's photo of spilled tomatoes.

kjola said...

Hi there :)
Thanx for a virtual visit to Katowice and to ... CROWDY beach :)))
I really cracked up when I realized what I had written!

I like you blogs
Take care

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Hmm! Could it be a power plant?

Jilly said...

Ummmm - I really don't know. Hope you will post the answer!

Tara, many thanks for including Menton DP and Monte Carlo DP in your list yesterday (and on other days) and thanks for the congratulations on my 200th posting.

I adored the tomatoes posting!

don said...

i looks like a big watertank well designed. But what ming just mentioned a power plant that is also a option. we will see the answer

Ruth said...

Thank you for the link on your sidebar! And for your visit to Flying. I didn't know you were doing this blog, so I'm glad you stopped by and made yourself known to me.


Jules said...

Hi Tara - Thanks for visitng me and mentioning me on your blog - I was really chuffed!!!!

Not sure about the photo i would probably agree with Denton???

All the best for returning to work - and speaking of work I must dash off to my school!!!!

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