Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, August 19th, 2007 POD #7

Sorry for my late post! We got home at 2am from Ozzfest & then slept till 9:30 & went to my parents to get the kids. There all day & had dinner :) YUM!! Got home around 5:30-ish, I think it was. Then I worked on posting my faves for Sat. Then, I worked on saving some photos I took off the camera.

So. . . For Sat, here is what you get.

Welcome to Connecticut! Our trip to Ozzfest, in Hartford CT - we stopped here.
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And the CT visitor Center. In my Nature blog, there will be photos posted of flower pics I took at the visitor center.
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My faves for Sunday: (I'll finish soon!)


Albuquerque Daily Photo - beautiful sky!!!

Austin Texas Daily Photo - just like it;)

Bellefonte, PA - love that little tin man;)

Delta Daily Photo - BEAUTIFUL scene:)

Detroit Daily Photoblog - Sunflowers! :)

Other Countries:

Brienne-le-Chateau & it's Region - nice bird photos!

Budapest Daily Photo - Beautiful Flowers!

Jakarta Daily Photo - absolutely beautiful skyline!

Kyoto Daily Photo - Here Mackey shares a temple photo! I find it stunning! I am glad to be able to share in a bit of other people's cultures!

Mainz Daily Photo - beautiful flower;)

Malta Daily Photo - Beautiful costal photos!

Manila - a beautiful bird;)

Saint-Petersburg Daily Photo - a wonderful apple tree!

Stavanger Daily Photo - A beautiful site!

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Steve Buser said...

I'll be Connecticut is beautiful this time of year. Can't wait to hear more.

--steve buser
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